Red Rose Coffee metal sign

16 November 2017

This is a very hard to find sign, and this one is in excellent condition! 19″x27″ $295

Great vintage signs!

11 November 2017

We have the best selection of vintage advertising in Utah I believe. Here are a few new additions.

Fresh picks!

7 October 2017

Got more goodies for the store yesterday from a centennial farm that had never been picked! Gonna be going back to that one 🙂

Lucien Lelong vintage showcase

18 September 2017

This case is about 22″tall, 24″ wide and 15″deep. excellent condition as you can see. $500

Raven arms P-25 .25 cal. gun display

7 September 2017

This is about 2/3 of a gun mounted on a plaque for advertising I suppose. $100.00

The Great Garloo & Dandy the Lion 1960’s battery toys

30 August 2017

Amazingly both of these work and have the original boxes! Garloo is $450 and Dandy is $475

Saltair beach great salt lake antique celluloid box

3 August 2017

The lid has a mirror on the inside so I am fairly sure this was a powder box. This little treasure is only about 3 1/4″ across the top and 2″ tall. It is very fragile as you might imagine and amazing it survived at all. I am not sure if it is a flaw on the top right side or a scratch, but regardless I doubt you will see another. $200.00

World war 1 gun solvent/ oil can

24 July 2017

I was told this was French, but not sure about that. Cool little relic for only $25

Die cast toys

7 July 2017

Here at The Estate Sale we always have a nice selection of vintage die cast. From Hot Wheels red lines, Matchbox,Johnny Lightning, Dinky, and many other makers including pre war cars.

Civil war general epaulets / shoulder boards

28 June 2017

These are pretty amazing for not only rarity but condition. They are also in their original metal case! $800

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