About The Estate Sale Antiques

Hello and welcome to my site! 🙂 My name is Lance and The Estate Sale is my store. I have been a collector of something my entire life, starting with coins and ending with who knows what! I love just about any antique so opening this store is just a natural choice for me.

Once all the work is done I will have 6,000 sq.ft. of floor space filled with the most fun and unique antiques and collectibles you will find anywhere! I will try to add pictures and details to this website on a weekly basis, sometimes much more frequently. I hope you will stop by when you are in Ogden Utah to say hi and hopefully take home a wonderful treasure!

The Estate Sale has a great selection of:


  • Antique Toys
  • Advertising
  • Bottles
  • Paper
  • Automobila
  • Electronics
  • Western
  • Postcards
  • Furniture
  • And much more…

Be sure to stop by next time you are around. I love to talk antiques, see what other people have and sometimes will buy your stuff!

12 Comments to “About The Estate Sale Antiques”

  1. WOW!!…LOVE ALL THE TIPS LANCE! WHAT TIPS “SOME” MAY ASK? OK, maybe I am slow on the uptake to have just found:) TIPS ON TREASURE HUNTING WITH ANTIQUES…
    However since I did find them; I think it is wonderful to share, so HOW did I find the Tips?
    Well, actually, the easy way would have been to browse by category (top right on home page). But, I innocently and accidentally happened to notice the Blue numbers on the calendar for July 22nd as that was my wedding anniversary. The number 22 jumped out at me. I clicked on it and was impressed to see a TIP and learn a FACT. I kept on clicking and found June tips too! I must say that all the tips are not only INTERESTING AND IMPRESSIVE…, but educational too…!
    Good Job Lance and THANKS!

  2. As a daily vistor to The Estate Sale, I get the opportunity to see the overwhelming excitement that each customer gets when they visit. This not only happens to the first time customers, but the repeat customers as well! Not one time when I’ve been there, has a customer left the store without making a comment of how fantastic this store is and how they can’t wait to visit again! I would like to share some of the comments that I overhear customers say….”Wow, so much variety and uniqueness this store has! It should be on T.V.!” “More upstairs? How exciting?” “My hobbies are what make me happy and Lance remembers these hobbies of mine. If he finds a piece to go with my collections he will set it aside until I visit the store again.-Very Personable and Thoughtful!” “Coming here is like taking a walk through my past!”
    Keep up the memorable experiences you seem to give each of your customers Lance! Your fantastic!!!!

  3. Great store,great selection, reasonable prices and friendly staff.All in all a great experience
    thanks so much Lance

  4. Hello, came across your site online, do you still have a store? thanks DARREN

  5. Dropped in today and fell in love, we’ll definitely be back. We were looking for items to build lamps with, and found a Model T 911 side lamp and some RR lanterns. Very cool place and friendly service!

  6. What a great store! Lance is so knowledgeable and honest in his dealings. He’s a very nice and professional guy and we were so glad to do business with him and his other buyer’s. Thanks Lance!

  7. looks likr you have some really great stuff i have collection i buy sell and trade would like yo sell some of my collection

  8. like your store i buy sell and trade would like to sell some of ny collection to

  9. I have a poster I’ve been carrying around for about 30 years that I found in a DAV store in Fresno. It’s a political poster about a guy named Giacomo Matteotti who was assassinated by order of the “governo fascista” in 1924. it’s in good shape, tho the frame it’s in is wanting to fall apart. I know you’d have to have a good look at it to see if it’s worth anything. It was produced by a Bastiani Studio and I assume it was brought to Fresno by an Italian family to whom it meant something. I got it for about 15$. Do you deal in vintage paper goods…ephemera (sp?) is that the term?

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