Advertising signs

Red Rose Coffee metal sign

16 November 2017

This is a very hard to find sign, and this one is in excellent condition! 19″x27″ $295

Great vintage signs!

11 November 2017

We have the best selection of vintage advertising in Utah I believe. Here are a few new additions.

Raven arms P-25 .25 cal. gun display

7 September 2017

This is about 2/3 of a gun mounted on a plaque for advertising I suppose. $100.00

Pennzoil outboard oil chalk board

12 January 2017

This is NOS late 1950’s I believe. $150Pennzoil sign

1941 Coke metal sign

7 November 2016

This sign was only made for a couple years prior to WWll. The wood frame is original $500 SOLD1941 Coca Cola sign

1920’s porcelain Zerolene flange sign

5 August 2016

These signs are so rare it has taken me 25 years to get my hands on one! This is not perfect by far, but a very cool addition to any collection! $2,000Zerolene sign

Vintage Taco Johns sign

3 March 2016

This sign is 2′ dia. it is a heavy plexiglass construction, old style logo. $85 SOLD

Taco John's sign

1937 Plymouth dealership sign

11 November 2015

This amazing piece is cardstock material and is professionally framed. It is about 40″x 50″. $950.
Antique 1937 Plymouth sign

George Petty pin up Acme beer sign

12 October 2015

This is a beautiful and very rare sign. Tin litho on easel back cardboard. $1,500 Sold
Acme beer sign

Porcelain Starbucks sign

10 October 2015

This is a very hard to find sign with the early logo. sold
Starbucks sign

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