Military and coins

Wilder’s lightning brigade civil war medal

28 December 2017

This medal has the original ribbon but not the brooch. A rare piece of history! $250

World war 1 gun solvent/ oil can

24 July 2017

I was told this was French, but not sure about that. Cool little relic for only $25

Civil war general epaulets / shoulder boards

28 June 2017

These are pretty amazing for not only rarity but condition. They are also in their original metal case! $800

J. Golcher antique Kentucky rifle

11 November 2014

This is a great looking gun in wonderful original condition. $450
Antique kentucky rifle

antique gun

Mussolini & Hitler WW II cigarette case

17 June 2014

This is one of the rarest items from this period in history that I have had in the store! Some wear but overall very good condition. $300
WWll cigarette case

WWll ? Japanese field radio

30 April 2013

I haven’t been able to find another one like this anywhere but am assuming it is WWII although it might be older. Very unusual to find one like this I am sure. Mouth piece is missing otherwise excellent condition. $300
















WWII German air raid medical kit

13 October 2012

This vintage kit has virtually all of the original unused contents! A very rare piece to find this complete.
















WWII Meissen porcelain Nazi medal dated 1939

9 August 2012

This very unusual piece is about 2″ dia. and in excellent condition. I’m not really sure what it was made for, but it is 100% authentic! $80.SOLD
















Military medals,uniforms,german,U.S.A.

12 June 2012

Just had a nice group of military items brought into the store. From the civil war to the 1960’s there are things for every military collector here!































Military antiques and coins

17 January 2012

Here at The Estate Sale we always are getting old military items and old coins, stop in and see the variety!

antique coins and military