Unusual antique items

Vintage U.S. propellers 44″ propeller

6 October 2016

A great laminated propeller in excellent condition! $300vintage propeller

Antique wagon wheels

1 June 2016

Just got a great group of steel and wooden wagon wheels. These are all different sizes and from $8


steel wheels

wagon wheel

Amazing native American whiskey flask

30 October 2015

This is all hand done, amazing detail and of course with “fire water” pretty politically incorrect. $400
Antique "fire water"flask

Vintage chuck-a-luck bakelite dice game

13 January 2014

This is a very cool mini Chuck-a-luck game only standing about 5″ tall. A great addition to any gambling collection. $135.Antique chuck-a-luck

Antique tractor seat chairs

10 October 2013

Here are two of five tractor seat chairs. These have the names “Champion” and “Walter A Wood” on them. The others are also cast iron but without the names. $60-85 ea. SOLD

antique tractor seats

Antique Askey wood propeller

21 March 2013

This is 50″ long with metal edges and the makers stamp is still in great condition! $425 SOLD
















Antique dynamite detonator

8 January 2013

Here is a very old classic dynamite detonator just like Wile E Coyote would have used! $350. SOLD


Collection of rare Ogden Utah bicycle license plates

18 December 2012

This collection is a very hard one to accumulate. It is missing the 1952 as you can see, but finding even one of these is very difficult. $120 SOLD


The Estate Sale loves cougars!

26 November 2012

Pretty sure this is one of the nicest cougars you will come across! A beautiful and rare mount.

Antique leather fire hat

15 October 2012

Here is a wonderful leather Deputy chief fire helmet. Pretty sure this is from San Francisco, but not positive. I real gem! $450

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