Automotive toys

1950’s carnival ride car

9 June 2016

This is an original heavy steel car that would have been dragged around the circular track. $495

carnival car

Mighty Tonka truck collection

26 June 2012

This group is mostly first generation mighty Tonkas. These are the ones with the best quality and options in the construction. From $50-95

















1930’s G-man pursuit car

16 January 2012

A very cool tin car in excellent condition from my newest dealer here at The Estate Sale Antiques!

G-Man pursuit car

Rare structo Ralph’s grocery truck

30 August 2011

This is one of the hardest steel trucks to find! It is in excellent condition as you can see too. Sold, but might find another!

Structo Ralph's toy truck

Wen-mac Texaco fire truck

30 August 2011

Here I have a 1962 Wen-mac fire truck complete with the very rare original box! These are seldom seen and a great addition to any collection!   Sold

wen mac texaco fire truck