Location and Hours

We are open Monday thru Saturday 11am-5pm

Come visit us at 4590 Harrison Blvd. Ogden, Utah 84403. Near the Dee Events Center.

Give us a call at 801-940-4075

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5 Comments to “Location and Hours”

  1. Great location! Hey, I found the parking garage!

    Just turn East off Harrison Blvd.
    Within a few feet on 4600 South there is a sweet place to park. It is out of the weather, hot or whatever! Thanks!

  2. The Estate Sale Man

    When shopping for antique items the last thing you want to worry about is getting into a hot car! Take your time and shop til your hearts content!

  3. Was pleasantly suprised at the amazing variety of items (diff “shops”) within the Antique Mall. There is definately something for everyone young or old no matter what you collect or are interested in. The owner and feel of the whole place is very quaint & personal like walking into a relatives house. The prices of everything is very reasonable and quit a bit less expensive than most other “antique” shops/malls. Selling to them is just as satisfying. I have been in the antique business of buying/selling & collecting myself for awhile now & HIGHLY recommend The Antique Mall in Ogden even if you don’t consider yourself an antique/vintage kind of person. You will find something there!

  4. Hi. I just moved to Utah (Ogden) and found you on the internet.
    Are you still open and are your hours now 11-6? I ask because here on your site, it says 11-5 but when I called and got your recording, it sounded like you said 11-6.

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