Store Pictures

The entrance has changed!

The entrance has changed!

Here is the entrance, complete with vintage working Pepsi machine!


A picture of me and antique showcase

Me and one of the many showcases with vintage trains, toys, valentines, and other superb items!


An antique porcelain stove

Antique recliner

Furniture,radio w/ record player and records here






























22 Comments to “Store Pictures”

  1. Looks like a great store, wish we were closer to come in and shop! Congratulations on your upcoming grand opening!!

  2. Wow!!nice job Lance-I am impressed-good luck!!! The store looks awesome and hope you do killer business!!Congratulations!!

  3. I am so happy thata I found your website! Just thought you might like to know that I found it on the KSL classified website. Im so excited to see your store that Im going to go check it out tomorrow afternoon, I LUV Antique stores and will probably spend hours & hours looking at every last item in your store hurray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. the hot point stove is amazing i love it my mom (tammie) has alot of amazing antiques…..

  5. Nice web page!The store looks great! Just told all my facebook friends to take a look.:)

  6. Your store is awesome..the prices are great..a great variety

  7. We recently visited your store while in Ogden. What an awesome place you have. Great variety, and great prices. We will definitely be back when we are in the Ogden area.

  8. The greatest antique store I have found in Utah!

  9. Terry Wisel Heintz

    AMAZING looking store. Glad we found your site.

  10. Hey it sure looks like my kind of store

  11. Do you sell antique books? I need one for my girl scout project.

  12. Do you have any hand tools?

  13. Do you currently have any Peacock wicker chairs?

  14. Do you have any glass globes for a TJ Moore railroad lantern? We are passing through today with the lantern.
    Jackie Czerniak

  15. There’s an old Coca-Cola drink cooler in your ad in New Century Collector. Do u still have it and how much is it?

  16. My grandpa gave me a plate from a restaurant in Salt Lake City opened in the 1950s by Maxon Lester Graham and his wife Adelaide Burt. I’d like to sell the plate and saw one online for $198. Would you be interested in buying it? I could send you a picture if I have an email or a cell number to send it too. Thanks – Kaye

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