We Buy Antiques and Estates!

We are always interested in buying antiques, unique items and even entire estates. You can come by the store and bring your items in or set up an appointment for us to come see what you have. Just give us a call at (801) 940-4075 and let’s talk! You can also email me:
Click here to send me an email

Or send me an email at: lancestang@gmail(dot)com

5 Comments to “We Buy Antiques and Estates!”

  1. hi lance can you share your ebay address id so i can
    pass it on to friends, also love the pic of you and adam
    thanks for pic of our booth as well, have a great day

  2. Do you guys buy collectible sterling silverware

  3. I have an antique style sofa that has never been used. Is this something you guys would be interested in buying? I have pictures available.


    Brittany Peterson

    • Unfortunately we are so full right now of amazing antiques that we just don’t have room. Thank you for asking however!

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